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Introduction to Quebec Montreal Quebec is where the best of North America and Europe meet, and it's just seven hours across the Atlantic on the east coast of Canada. The cities of Montreal and Quebec City are affordable, accessible, and give the province more than it's fair share of class and culture. When people look on a map of North America how large the province of Quebec is, it's bigger than the state of Alaska, which, you know the Americans think is the biggest place on earth. British visitors will find the place fascinating, because of the unique European authentic atmosphere that you find in the area. It's just all-in-all a very charming, very romantic place to visit. During the wintertime, no, the fall is not frozen. Only the mist generated by the falls crystallizes over this rock and piles up 24 hours a day to become a huge ice cone. What we offer to people there, we love to taste and make, and that's maybe the key of our success. Now this is quite similar to port, is that right? Yes it's the same process but with a totally different fruit. It's crazy good. Montreal is a world-class city, and it was founded right at the bottom of these specatular rapids of the St. Lawrence River. Even though I'm not quite scared, I seem to feel like I am in a boat clinging onto for dear life. I'd always said if we just took people to the rapids we wouldn't even have to give them the ride that's so spectacular out there, just the view. If you were to walk down the street, St. Catherine St, and go a little bit more east, I think you would have something called the tam-tams which is on the mountain, and is unrehearsed,and people just come by, and they just beat on their drums, and you can feel it, and your heart is pumping. There is an observatory where tourists can go and (see) a two story funicular, which is one-of-a-kind. And from here you get a birds-eye view of Montreal. But it's not all about the metropolis. Just a couple of hours' drive away you can taste authentic Canadian wilderness. and some authentic Quebecois characters. Like my father always told me, take time to look around, and you will discover things wonderful. During the winter, as an example, we have 150 ducks for the ducks sitting. And we do the ducks sitting on the lake, because we have more than one layer of ice on the lake. Now you may be wondering just why I am dressed like this... No, it's not extreme fishing, I am going for a ride on an ATV. Otherwise known as quad-biking...LET'S GO! This is really, really good fun. Appearances can be very deceptive. I am not a fisherman, I've only ever fished once. It was a long time ago, and not once was my tackle bothered by anything resembling a fish. And yet when you're greeted by scenes like this, you've got to give it a go. So it's that easy, now I'm fishing. YES SIR! Yeah, beautiful sir, it's a rainbow trout. See the red line on on the side? Ha ha, love your english sauce. What do you call it? Ah...Worcestershire, worcestershire. This is Lac Sacacomie in La Mauricie, one of the most stunning areas of Quebec. You see a lot of wilderness. You can see beaver dams. You can see a lot of lakes, rivers, valleys, it's very beautiful. I LOVE IT!

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